Every manor needs someone you can trust that knows it like the palm of its hands.

Your company is our manor. We are an agency specialized on overwhelmingly execute the daily digital tasks, always focused on reaching the best results for your business!

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Here at Malandra, we develop Websites, Landing Pages, Lead Form Pages

Web Development

No house stands still without its' foundation. We can help you build your business' digital appearance, from a simple Landing Page for Leads Conversion purposes to a complex Website that represents magnificently the services and quality of your project.

We excel at advertising your business on Google and on the Social Media Networks.

Social Networks and Google Network Ads

What's the purpose of having the hugest and most beautiful mansion if we don't have any visits? Here lies the magic of the Social Networks and Google Network Advertisement. With our help, your website will not only be visited but the visits are from your most desired targets! With a strategy based on our clients' feedback, we will reach the audience that has the most potential to be interested on what you company has to offer.

Malandra makes world class Web Design masterpieces

Web Design

A serious butler is always serious about his mannor's presentation. Design is the face of your business and that's why we're specialized on creating the Michael Angelo's alike masterpieces to hang on your house's walls.

We're strong at solving problems with the most technological and automatized solutions.

Challenge us

Our master's desires are to be fulfilled. We like to solve the day-to-day problems, crossing the finishing line holding pride on our faces for finishing another work with an A+++ grade. Tell us how your company works. What are the biggest challenges that you face?
We're sure we have a fitting solution!


We have the keys! Join us on a visit to some of our clients' houses that we've built and currently take good care of.

Lead Capture Web page for a Tourism company's campaign about vacations

Aloha Trips

Dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of all of those who seek the most deserved rest on a paradisal island.

Homepage principal de uma empresa do ramo da Construção Civil proveniente de África do Sul

WK Construction

We built the digital house for those whose specialization is to build paths and homes for a more reinvigorating life.

Website for a Italian Restaurant with online table booking based in Barcelona

La Tagliatella

All butlers have to optimize the kitchens' operations so that every dish is cooked on point for their master's taste.


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